2016-17 Open Enrollment is officially CLOSED!

Wait list is attached below!

Parents on the wait list will be contacted if a position becomes available. Please notify the office if your contact information changes by either calling the school or sending an email to Andrea at andrea_williford@pvusd.net

Current Enrollment Status

Linscott Charter School is no longer accepting applications for the 2016-17 school year. Enrollment will open on January 15, 2017 for the 2017-18 school year.

How to Apply

I. Procedures for Admission to Kindergarten

A. All prospective parents must attend the informational meeting prior to scheduled student Round-up dates. Prospective parents will sign a parent participation commitment contract and complete an enrollment application at that time. Prospective families will sign-up for a Round-up date for their child at that time as well. Failure to follow the process will result in removal from the interest list, unless specific other arrangements are made with Enrollment Coordinator one week prior to the information meeting date. Prospective kindergarten families with priority enrollment status as described in Policy #3000 must complete and submit an enrollment application to the Enrollment Coordinator within the enrollment window. Families who do not submit enrollment documents within the priority window will lose their priority status and will be placed on the waiting list. Modification in the process must be for compelling reasons.

B. K Round-up for prospective students will begin the third week of March each year. Round-up includes a parent-teacher conference and student classroom activity. All prospective students, including Linscott siblings and members of the general public must attend a student Round-up session. Failure to attend will be subject to the same consequences as outlined above.

C. All current LCS siblings in good standing, who have followed the enrollment process will be admitted and the remaining openings will be assigned through the lottery process. A public lottery will take place the first Friday of April each year. Names of students not chosen in the lottery will be assigned to the waiting list in the order drawn. The Enrollment Coordinator will notify all families who participated in these procedures as to whether or not they are enrolled for next school year and a list will be posted in the main office.

D. Should openings occur throughout the summer, the waiting list will determine the order of enrollment. Enrollment priority criteria will be applied as appropriate. (See Enrollment Policy #3000)
II. Procedures for Admission All Other Grade Levels

A. Prospective families will contact the Enrollment Coordinator during the open enrollment window and follow the enrollment process outlined. If there are more completed enrollment requests than there are classroom openings, the priority criteria will be applied and a public lottery will take place. Those not chosen in the lottery will be placed on the waiting list for that the desired grade level.

B. If an opening occurs in a classroom, the Enrollment Coordinator will inform the first family on the waiting list and contact the classroom teacher, to arrange for a meeting with the prospective family. A family can decline an offer after the beginning of the school year once and remain on the waiting list. If space becomes available for the same child after the start of a different school year and the family again declines, they will be removed from the wait list.

Enrollment Application Dates

Enrollment opens January 15 and closes April 1 for the following school year. All enrollment applications submitted during the published enrollment window are processed without consideration of the order received. Applications received after the published closing dates are not accepted. If a spot becomes available and the wait list has been exhausted for the grade involved, a subsequent open enrollment period will be held for that class only.

Open House is the second Tuesday in March.

Enrollment Process Summary

  1.   Attend an orientation meeting.
  2.   Read and sign All About Linscott Charter School and Parent Participation Agreement.
  3.   Complete and submit an application by the enrollment deadline.
  4.   Applications for enrollment are not accepted before January 15.
  5.   A public lottery is held to fill available openings.
  6.   Remaining applicants are placed on a wait list per Enrollment Policy #3000.

Lottery Process Summary

Once enrolled Linscott families in good standing receive priority enrollment for subsequent years. Because the combination of continuing students and applicants exceeds capacity each year, we fill spaces through a public, random lottery conducted according to the California Education Code and the provisions of our Charter.

Consistent with the terms of our Charter, we provide preference in the public random drawing to certain applicants. These preferences are outlined in Linscott Charter School Policy #3000. The second Friday of April each year a public, random lottery is held to fill all openings that remain after priority enrollment is complete and the wait list is exhausted.

Names drawn randomly will be assigned to openings in the classrooms for which they applied and when all openings are filled names will be numbered in the order they are drawn and placed on the wait list.

Wait List
The wait list is perpetual and students will retain their position as long as they attend the annual Open House and respond to communication with Linscott in a timely manner.


Linscott Charter School is a public school with limited enrollment. Every effort is made to enroll families who both reflect the diversity of the community, and share the educational philosophy of the school including a commitment to full parent participation in the educational process and governance of the school.
Goals and Purposes

The purpose of this policy is to clarify criteria, priorities and procedures for enrollment in all grade levels.

Enrollment Criteria

Residence: As per our charter and California Charter School Law, SB 434, enrollment is restricted to residence of Santa Cruz County and residents of counties immediately adjacent to Santa Cruz County. Preference is given to pupils residing within the attendance area of the PVUSD.

Educational Philosophy: Prospective parents articulate an understanding of, and commitment to the educational philosophy of Linscott Charter School to the teacher or Enrollment Coordinator. This articulation takes place in conjunction with a discussion about and review of written materials concerning Linscott’s educational philosophy.

Parent Involvement: Prospective parents demonstrate to the teacher or Enrollment Coordinator a clear understanding of and commitment to parent participation as outlined in Parent Participation Policy #8001. Families interested in enrolling complete and submit a Parent Participation Agreement along with their enrollment application. Current Linscott families wishing to add an additional student, or re-enroll a current student for the following year, must be in good standing as documented by school records. Families new to Linscott Charter School may be required to participate in a special orientation conducted at the beginning of the school year.

Adherence to Procedures and Timelines: Prospective and current families wishing to enroll a child shall adhere to the procedures and timelines outlined in Administrative Regulation #3000.


Established enrollment criteria are applied to all who are interested in participating in Linscott Charter School. Once all criteria are met, families are admitted in the following order:
  1. Linscott student siblings
  2. Children of regular payroll staff members –This does not include special contract or grant funded personnel
  3. Families residing in Pajaro Valley Unified School District
  4. General public
Gender may be used to determine placement in order to balance classrooms.

Membership in any of the above listed groups does not guarantee admittance, but ensures priority consideration.
Procedures for Enrollment

Procedures and timelines for enrollment are outlined in Administrative Regulation #3000. All families wishing to enroll a student in Linscott must follow the guidelines contained in that regulation.

Lottery Application of criteria and priorities guides the enrollment process until all classes reach capacity as determined by the Site Management Team. If a tie results and/or there are more families meeting the criteria than can be accommodated in a classroom, a public lottery will be conducted and a waiting list established.

Waiting List

A perpetual waiting list will be established. Prospective families retain their position on the waiting list for the class in which they wish to enroll providing they adhere to the procedures and timelines contained in Administrative Regulation #3000.
Apr 29, 2016, 10:47 AM